Pinterest: Frenemy.

I'll admit to a love affair with Pinterest. A website that brings you gems like, can't be a bad thing. Or can it? I have a sneaking suspicion that Pinterest is becoming the Glenn Close to my Michael Douglas- I cannot get away from it. I love it, but sometimes I want to put a knife through my computer screen. Or hurl my SLR when it's not taking perfect pictures. Or kiss it when it is. Let's be honest, when I took the picture below, I was more excited about the picture than the eating of this tart- ridiculous, because this thing was OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD.

Pinterest is on my iPhone and my iPad. Everywhere I look on Facebook, people are either having babies or pinning stuff. Or both. The ultimate travesty?- pinning pictures of your own baby. Please don't do that. You are not Mariah Carey (Does she have a Pinterest? I should look into that- I bet there's lots of glitter involved).

But- ***headdesk*** – I love hate love this time suck of a website. Where else can I wax quixotic about the decor for my twelve bedroom “cottage” in the Hamptons (that I don't own) that I bought as a weekend getaway with my husband, who I wed in my carefully pinned and documented twee nuptials (that didn't take place)?

I'm no Martha Stewart. Sure, I've made place cards out of paint chips, embellished my own cards using the tears and blood of unicorns, etc. But I would never carve my soap into decorative accents. Is Pinterest more than just a giant time suck that is meant to make us feel inadequate about our own, perhaps less picture-perfect (anyone else secretly love that movie?) lives? I have to ask myself this question (as I scroll through the endless wasteland of pictures on my iPad).

I'm throwing a party next weekend, and what was the first place I turned to for ideas? Pinterest, of course. I'm throwing a garden party. Do I have a garden? No. Will I let that stop me? No. Will there be plenty of booze? Yes (but it'll be classy booze, no worries). Oh, skeptical, are you? This guy was, too. But he got fed once I figured out why the food dispensing machine at the petting zoo wasn't working.

I had grand ideas. I was going to send out lovely personalized invitations with fancy/funky embossing and perhaps even sealed with a lovely wax seal. Psssshhhhhhh. Good intentions. Here it is, a week before the party and between stressing about my current day job (which I DO love, just for the record), traveling to NYC and trying to meet design deadlines for my job as head designer at grace & lux, I don't even have a set menu yet and I've issued invitations via text, email and face-to-face messages. #hostessfail. I'm flying by the seat of my freakin' linen shorts, people! I'm considering CAKE MIX, for crying out loud! If Cupcakes and Cashmere does it, can't I???

Image courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere (click to go to link)

What about flowers?? Bleeding hearts aren't approppriate, as much as I love them!

I start stressing about this stuff, but then I tell myself it doesn't matter. Because it doesn't. Real life doesn't have to be stylized. We can take inspiration from that stuff, but when it comes down to it, we have to put our own spin on it and make the style our own. Having said that, to all the gals attending next week, I promise not to feed you cake made with a mix.