Colorshock- on style.

It’s no secret that I love bright colors. It’s pretty common for me to show up to, well, anywhere, with my nails painted different bright colors. My boss shudders. Everywhere I look, summer is being shepherded out the door, and while the resulting sales are warming my heart and traumatizing my wallet, I’m mostly sad about the changing of the [color] guard. I’m already dreading the withdrawal from the happy, bright colors of summer. But today I happened into Kate Spade and saw this:

And I remembered, that, well, duh! I’ve been dressing myself for about 25 years now (aside from some unfortunate styling at the hands of my mother as a small child in there somewhere). I can wear whatever the hell I want!

I get a lot of people asking me to help them dress themselves and develop their style. One of the things that I tell every person I have ever helped is that they must be assertive in what they like. I don’t want to teach anyone how to do or wear what I do because that isn’t owning who you are. You have to start with knowing what you like- what excites you. Whether you’re talking about clothing, accessories, decorating, or anything else in your life that requires you to make a choice- you need to stand behind it. In the design world, trends are fleeting. This is true in ALL kinds of design- interior, clothing, industrial, graphic, etc.

When you are sure in what you like, you have a solid foundation. The lovely thing about developing a personal style is that it can be in flux. It can be expanded, refined and completely overhauled. Maybe you play by the old rules. Maybe you’re classic. Maybe you’re preppy. Maybe you’re an amalgamation of several aesthetics that no one would ever imagine could go together. Maybe you like to take risks- big or small. But own it. Take inspiration, but make it your own. Two of my favorite colors? Pink and green- I like them year round, no matter the shade. Here are a few pieces I’m digging to help transition colorfully into fall.

Some of these: more affordable than others, but fun to look at, nonetheless.  Happy almost August!

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